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Chap. 8: Ciplet, Roberts, Khan

This chapter specifically looked into the struggles that minority and marginalized groups face when it comes to the impacts of climate change. As US citizens, we don’t really have to face any of the worst consequences, so we don’t think... Continue Reading →

Chapter One: Trading a Livable World

Chapter One: The development of today’s environment has presented a number of environmental problems. An underlying issue of this is that not everyone can afford to up and leave in order to get away from nasty environmental circumstances. This has... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9&10

  Scenarios Dark, Light, and Gray   This section begins to talk about how everyone knows that we need to address climate change, to add it is also know that process will be done through a move towards renewable energy... Continue Reading →

Ciplet, Roberts and Kahn, Chapters 9 & 10

-Mitchell Pepper Chapter 9: Power in a Future World Scenarios Dark, Light and Grey The authors outline that this chapter will consist of various possible futures, and what each of those futures will hold. Chief among the concerns of humanity... Continue Reading →

Customs in Common

Alec Johnson February 14, 2017 SOC 370 Customs in Common Introduction             As we have discussed in this class the tragedy of the commons we use the example of a pasture with rational people trying to maximize the gain. The... Continue Reading →

Trading a Livable World

Alec Johnson April 11, 2017 SOC 370 Trading a Livable World Introduction             Our world has undoubtedly been disturbed and warmed due to human interaction and the burning of fossil foils. There is one organization of the world that has... Continue Reading →

Chapter 9: “Power in the Future World”

So far, the book “Power in the Warming World”, has presented the reader with chapters centered around arguments and events that together aid in better understanding environmental politics, and the many areas of conflict inside the field. In chapter 9,... Continue Reading →

Contesting Climate Injustice

Chapter 8 focuses in on three main networks of the United Nations climate change regime. The purpose of this chapter was to highlight how much networks have an influence on international climate regime. These three networks are gender equality advocates,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8: Contesting Climate Injustice

The chapter starts by telling the story of an Indian woman who spoke up during a question and answer event with the Clean Development Mechanism; She worked as a waste picker and argued that CDM board approving waste incineration projects... Continue Reading →

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