Alec Johnson

February 14, 2017

SOC 370

Customs in Common


            As we have discussed in this class the tragedy of the commons we use the example of a pasture with rational people trying to maximize the gain. The sensible course of action is to add animals until, of course the tragedy happens. The argument of Goldman is to show how complex the commons is from a local culture and territory based respected ideas. The commons need to be thought about to strengthen weakened social institutions and to help modernize or try to develop the Third World Poor.

Core ideas

            The author has established two types of commons experts, which are the development expert and the human ecologist. This article touches more on how the tragedy of the commons works more and is more of an important icon in the developed world, due to the over capitalized systems at play. One of the main question asked why intervene on behalf of the commoner’s commons? Our goal as a society to build our knowledge of the role of capital, the state, and the development institutions the role they have on the commons.

Key Thinkers

Some of what the authors fail to see are some of the text fails to focus on negative externalities of the state and private property regimes. This more general critique is sort of a group of arguments that talk of the short fall of World Bank and how those World Bank projects are searching to improve the commons. Bromely and Cernea note that there is such a lack of understanding and even basic knowledge of the local culture and they believe they have the skills needed to change the commons and reverse the degradation of the earth around them. Of course, corruption plays a role and these officials believe that money and jobs in the region is going to solve the problem.

Critical potential I

The hybrid environmental social and natural sciences gives an example of a rice field in Asia. It finds a subsistence and commercial production right next to each other. This is a great example of an environmental social and natural sciences due the private tenure when swap water recede. The commons-property rules happen due to the fact that the community manages the paddies for the duck and the duck egg farming. Some area will deal with a higher degree of diversity in production due to the current season. The landowners will open their fields to the pastoralists for the fallow time of year so the animals may graze on the nutrient rich crop waste, farmers get free animal labor and milk products.

Critical potential II

The hybrid politics in this one can look at the global impact the commons play on the environment and how legal officials will try to combat the effects of capitalism has on its environment. A call to get a global central banks and energy policies has to help us come together as a global nation to understand the global impact of humans. In the utopic revelations it states in the article it gives an idea on how to balance all of our needs with keeping the environment resources in mind as well. There are problems on both spectrum of wealth because if a rich capitalist country does not put a luxury emission tax on its citizens why should a poorer capitalist country have to worry about its survival emissions.


            This article was very much a lengthy article that had a lot of stuff I had to reread and reread to try and grasp the concepts, so if I was a little off I apologize but I see this tragedy of commons as something that can be looked at locally and globally. This tragedy of commons has caused such rapid and such large-scale degradation of the world’s water, forest, and air. This problem threatens the very essence of the reproduction of capital. As long as the commons is only notices in the sense of the world that is developed it will fail to meet the restructuring Third World capabilities and social and natural relations.

Personal Essay

As I look back on this article and how this class as really tried to hammer home the topic of the tragedy of the commons it gets me thinking of the destruction of the land that is happening all of the developed world and how it will happened to the countries that are in the stages of developing. If we start telling nations that by 2050 we are going to have to ween off fossil fuels like oil and coal, what do we think is going to happen. What is going to happen is that these countries that see they only have till then to catch up with the worlds power is going to start using up all those energies to try and catch up to the worlds power because they know once the world switches over to cleaner energies, if they ever do, they know it will be to expensive the to switch. So the only option for these nations is to use up these dirty energies at an alarming rate all over the world and this will cause the carbon emissions and green house gases in the worlds atmosphere to sky rocket. The world’s atmosphere can only hold so much gas and it takes a lot longer to get ride of those green house gases so once it is up there it is going to be up there for a while. This idea of tragedy of the commons shows us the large-scale degradation to our water, air, and forest all over the world in the develop world and just gives us a look into the future of how the countries trying to become developed later in time will do to become a major player in the world. They will have large-scale degradation of their waters, airs, and forests.