Scenarios Dark, Light, and Gray


This section begins to talk about how everyone knows that we need to address climate change, to add it is also know that process will be done through a move towards renewable energy sources.  However green policies do not just happen automatically or overnight.  With this being said there are different scenarios in which we could address these environmental issues. 


Scenario 1: Exclusive Inaction


The first scenario is the worst and referred to as the mad max scenario.  In this scenario the rich countries would obtain power and be able to obtain important land resources.  This will occur if we continue business as usual and do not work to change policies that are important to a healthier world.


Scenario 2: Exclusive Action


This scenario would call for more wealthy nations to donate money to third world developing countries.  The money donated would be used to insure development at a rate that wouldn’t harm the environment as much.  They would also be developing in a more sustainable or manageable way. 


Scenario 3: Desperate Technofixes


If this scenario occurred it would start like scenario one where no policies are changed and we go about our everyday lives as if nothing needs to be fixed.  Then when a crisis caused by climate change is not avoidable we will look for last minute technological fixes to save us. 


Scenario 4: Riding Renewables


Scenario 4 can best be described as push towards going deep green and diving into renewable energy sources and try to become reliant on renewable energy sources in every day to day activity.


Scenario 5: Going Local


Going local is all about what it looks like, staying local and investing in your own town in a scenes.  The theory behind this scenario is that it is easy to make a change from the home first then spread it to the world.  If there are community gardens or community recycling protocols put into place at a local level it is works better because it is on a smaller scale.


Scenario 6: Global Climate Justice


This scenario talks about global climate being just or equal on a global basis.  To break this down each person would have equal access to clean water, clean air and healthy environmentally safe housing.  This would be ideal seeing as it would not only help with quality of life but equality issues as well.