Global Environmental Problems – S2017

Where the "environment" is ecological, personal and communal

Chapter 8: Contesting Climate Injustice

This chapter demonstrates and explains different aspects and how they relate to  UN framework the title. From the start the author explains that a meeting the happened in Copenhagen that consisted of mostly white men in which gathered to answer... Continue Reading →

Contesting Climate Injustice

Chapter 8: Contesting Climate Injustice (Ciplet, Roberts and Khan) Stephen Foster – ANT/SOC 370 Movements from the Margins The beginning of this chapter introduces an Indian waste-picker whose life has been impacted by the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.... Continue Reading →

Ryan Gibson – Contesting Climate Injustice

              The main topics of these readings discussed the different factors of different indigenous rights, livelihood rights, equality amongst the different genders and different international government systems. As we touched briefly on in class prior to this with the... Continue Reading →

POWER IN A WARMING WORLD: The New Global Politics of Climate Change

Chapter 8 Movement from the Margins On December 8th 2009, the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen is in session, mostly white males in suit there to ask and answer question with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). During this session... Continue Reading →

Contesting Climate Injustice

Regime Rights International politics and climate change has devoted attention to understanding types of transnational advocacy networks rights that are struggling in the international regimes. Little to no attention has been devoted to understanding the rights struggles of many networks... Continue Reading →

Ciplet, Roberts, and Khan -Manufacturing consent

Politics of the possible In this beginning section Ciplet, Roberts, and Khan once again discuss Copenhagen and its failure in settling on a Kyoto successor. The failure of Copenhagen came from the very complex political world we now live in... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4 Manufacturing Consent

This whole chapter describes the environmental injustice going on with regards to a global scale.  With climate change effects increasing and sea level rising there is much to be done in preventing further disaster due to climate change.  However, this... Continue Reading →

CH. 4: Manufacturing Consent

Politics of the Possible— In 2010 the United Nations came together in Cancun Mexico to discus climate change and plans for dealing with the effects of it in the future. The group of nations was skeptical and not as forthcoming... Continue Reading →

Manufacturing Consent

POLITICS OF THE POSSIBLE Cancun Mexico was able to survive another year along with multilateralism. The global temperature is on the rise and all the faith was in the United Nations system to take a look at climate change but... Continue Reading →

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